Bubbles n Bubbles

Have you ever wondered how to blow a bubble inside a bubble? Room 1 have mastered it! Watch their movie to find out and they also tell you how to make the magic bubble potion!!

23 thoughts on “Bubbles n Bubbles

    1. Hi Room 1! It’s Nino from Room 8. I was very entertained by your movie. During Science Class at Pakuranga Intermediate we also blew bubbles into a bubble. We managed to blow 5 bubbles into one bubble but without the bubbles being shaped like a caterpillar. Keep it up Room 1, Good Job!

  1. Hello Room 1. I enjoyed your movie, as you showed me how to blow a bubble into another bubble. Thanks for showing your creativity!

  2. Maloe Le lei Room 1
    It is Marii from Room 6
    I really enjoyed your movie.It was so interesting because you get to learn how to make a bubble in a bubble.I wanted to try it but I did not remember how to do it.I hope to see another interesting movie soon.

    Kind Regards: Marii

  3. Malo lelei Room 1. This is Tuakalau from room 6.
    I loved watching your movie about making bubbles in bubbles. It was fun to watch you all enjoying blowing bubbles. I feel like doing one at home with my siblings during the summer holidays.

  4. Kamusta Room 1,
    I sure did wonder how to make a bubble inside of a bubble! Your tutorial is insightful, including how it just needs 4 ingredients! I would love to watch more of your arts and crafts movies!
    Regards, Jaeden

  5. Malo Lelei room 1. This is Sione. I loved the way your movie was creative when you made all those bubbles on the table. I liked it when you put another bubble inside the big one.

  6. Morena Rm 1 your movie was delightful. I liked your ideas of how to make your towers stable. I’m impressed with how you explain your ideas when you have finished .
    Kind Regards Theo

    1. Morena Rm 1 your movie was delightful. I liked your ideas of how to make your bubble . I’m impressed with how you explain your ideas when you have finished .
      Kind Regards Theo

  7. Kamusta Room 1,
    I like the way that you make the bubble and I wish I can come to make a bubble with you in the table Room 1 and your so talented.


  8. Kia ora Room 1, I love how its quick to make, I really didn’t think it was possible to blow a bubble inside of a bubble, It blew my mind. I really want to try it. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Graziel.

  9. Kamusta Room 1, this is Georzen from Room 6 from St Patrick’s.

    After I watched your movie I was impressed by the bubbles you made on the table. It was incredible because I never knew that you can make bubbles inside bubbles. I would like to try that at home because it’s so easy to make – your tutorial says there are only 3 ingredients; first water, sugar to make the bubble stronger, detergent.

    regards Georzen

  10. Malo lelei room 1. I really liked and thought it was creative for you to show us how to make bubbles. The bubbles that you made were so big, it blew my mind away.

    From Olivia

  11. Kia ora Room 1,
    This is Zenalia from Room 6. I would really like to try making the bubbles on the table like you did in your movie. It looks really fun but I was also shocked that you can put a bubble inside another bubble. It was very creative of you guys – keep up the good work.

  12. Talofa lava room 1. This is Cosma. I liked your video about Bubbles. It was interesting
    and clever because i really like it when you guys make a bubble inside a bubble. It is a great science lesson and maybe I will try it at home in the holidays.

  13. Malola lei lei Room 1 i watched your movie it’s very interesting because you put a bubble inside a bubble which is very cool.I wonder how many could you put in another bubble.I admire your movie i would love to come and make it with you.

  14. Talofa Lava room 1! This is Nixcent from Room 6.
    I am impressed of the hard work you put in to make this wonderful movie about Bubbles n Bubbles. I did not know that sugar is needed to make the mixture. I enjoyed watching everyone having fun blowing bubbles. I hope that I could do that at home too.

    From Nixcent.

  15. Malo lelei room 1 this is Paula from room 6.

    Your movie looks so fun. I really want to try this. It looks so interesting. I was really impressed by the way you knew the instructions to make bubbles. It looked so magnificent when I saw big bubbles on the table. It looked so fun that I want to try it out.
    Keep up the good work room 1


  16. Talofa Room 1
    I love your wonderful tutorial on how to make a bubble inside of another bubble It was so awesome and amazing i never knew a bubble could be inside of another bubble.

    Kind Regards Pio

  17. Ki ora hi room 1
    My name is Vili from room 6 i really enjoyed your classes movie the movie was so cool I try it at home and it worked.

  18. Kia ora room 1 making bubbles inside bubbles sounds FUN! I even saw my sister on the red table it was so fun i wish i was in room 1 having all that fun when it showed the blue table someone did a BIG one! after all that time your class had to be tried.

  19. Dear room 1. this is jazzmin from room 6 I really enjoyed your movie because I did not know that you could put a bubble inside another bubble. It looked really fun! It’s my first time seeing it and I was really impressed. You must have had a lot of fun blowing those bubbles.

    Good job!

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