Room 1 Creates

Create something they say??
But we only have pipe cleaners, paper and sellotape?

EASY we say!

We hop you enjoy Rm 1’s Movie!

11 thoughts on “Room 1 Creates

  1. Morena Room 1
    we have just watched your movie and we think it is awesome. We love how you all created so many different things to wear. We are proud to know that you are from St Patrick’s School.

  2. Hello Saint Patricks School I like how you got creative and shared your skills. Ive learned how to create something beatiful as what you guys make Kai pai Room 1. How do you guys cut the sticks because they look hard to cut? You guys did an awesome job creating with your imagination great job and well done.

  3. Hello Room 1

    I enjoy the part when you guys were making something to wear for yourself was it easy to make for you guys.

  4. Malo le lei, I’m Nicole from Saint Patrick’s School. This shined because you were all creative when it came to making something to wear. Next time you could make something to give to someone in your class!

  5. Malo lelei I am Grace from St Patrick’s School I like the way you guys were being so creative with objects. You taught me how to be so creative with things around me.

  6. Hello Room 1 I’m Eldrich from Room 6 at St Pat’s School. My favorite accessory is the hat – it looks so funny. When I read your post I learnt that you can make any accessory with just some basic materials and an imagination.

  7. Malo le lei Im Tuakalau From St Patricks school. I love when you are crative and using your mind. my favorite is when jacob made his glove second favorite part is when Ezikiel made his hat.

  8. Kia ora,Room 1 I’m Patrick from St Patrick’s school. I like the way you guys are so creative .
    This part gave me a memory when i made a bracelet and a necklace. It’s so cool what you guys made keep up the good work.

  9. Talofa lava Room 1, You were all creative on what you were making, especially the decorations on the bracelets, necklaces, glove, bag and hat. They were fabulously and creative. The movie was unique and amazing to watch.
    Regards Graziel.

  10. Hello Room 1 My name is David. what a good movie you have I like it when you all were trying your best to make something And it was Nice and I like when you guys were making it keep it up

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